Laphwing Stella - Kegel Ball - Vaginal Exercises Trainning Set

A perfect set of Kegel balls that can effectively exercise to the pelvic floor muscles
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Kegel ball, also known as vaginal dumbbell. It can assist in exercising the pelvic floor muscles and improve the muscle strength of the pelvic floor. Long-term adherence to exercise has the effect of promoting the tightness of the private parts and preventing pelvic organ sagging.

Laphwing Stella is a device that is placed in the vagina to exercise the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. It is made of safe materials and is carefully designed. The ball has a slim drawstring attached to the end of the ball with a scale to indicate the depth of placement in the vagina, making it easy, simple and efficient to use.

Stella is the best helper for Kegel exercises, it helps women to find their pelvic floor muscles and make them contract correctly for the purpose of training them. Especially for women who have a loose vagina after giving birth, the contraction exercises can exercise the pelvic floor muscles and help enhance vaginal tightness. Long-term adherence to Kegel exercises can prevent the occurrence of postpartum pelvic floor disorders, such as urinary leakage, prolapse, and disharmony in married life.

If you choose a Kegel ball of the same size, it may be too loose to hold the ball or too tight to fit in your vagina. In addition, as the training time goes on, the tightness of the vagina will change and the balls that were originally suitable may become unsuitable as the vagina becomes tighter and smaller. Therefore, Laphwing recommends choosing a combination of five balls of different sizes. When standing, the vaginal force is half of the maximum force, or less than half of the force, so that the ball can be clamped, then the force is appropriate. In addition, when the dumbbell is put in later, it must be able to talk normally without overexerting.

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