About us

Our Philosophy

As the brand name indicates, we are all about “feeling good, feeling loved”-- it’s our slogan! We hope that, after all the exhaustion day after day, our toys can remind you not only of the eternal sexual pleasure you’ll always feel, but also the self-care spirit within these little monsters.

Here in Laphwing, we emphasize honesty, equality, respect and innovation. These four aspects constitute our core value. Besides, you can easily see the variety of products we sell: for female or male, silicone or aluminum, clitoral, vaginal or anal, realistic or fantasy, and that’s because Laphwing stands for satisfaction that transcends gender, sexual orientation, kink, age, etc. Here, you can be yourself and get whatever you want.


Our Mission

Laphwing aspires to bring more fun to your sexual experience. Our collections offer you the chance to explore every possible way of pleasing yourself, with absolute safety, creativity and sometimes, a little fun adventure. Laphwing promises to pay attention to every Laphwinger’s needs and desires, and guarantee a luscious satisfaction.

In the meanwhile, we value customers’ privacy and take care of every order like an addict. Our greatest kink is to care, and we’re good at it. We value your needs and update our stash in the fastest way and at the fairest price. Yes, we run a business, and yes, we do hope you can feel good and loved.


Our Story

Laphwing has been in the industry for years. We started as a learner and was gradually recognized by players around the world. Because we started from zero, we deeply understand how crucial our service means to you and to ourselves. Therefore, like you’ve always seen in our product descriptions, “your privacy is our priority” -- customer service is our priority.

As time goes by, Laphwing has become more mature and has been improving our service, innovating toys and broadening our market. However, “feeling good, feeling loved” has been our slogan and promise, and it will always be so in the present and in the future beyond.


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