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Dragon Extender

As a fantasy dildo, Laphwing Night Fury has a very delicate appearance, with different shapes of dragon scales in various parts. The beautiful muscle lines are full of movement, as if a dragon is ready to fly.
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This toy is absolutely massive and so easy to clean. It's not super floppy so it has barely any resistance to any play you may do. It's excellently made and the suction is like a brand new vacuum, the best. It didn't want to come off a stool lol.
This toy just took the prize as the latest in my collection — and that’s before considering the KNOT on this beast! My hands are not small to say the least and you can see in the pics how this thing dwarfs even them 🥴 Nice soft material, but not too soft so you can still put some force behind this and cram it in. Has an exciting heft to it. Silicone feels decent, not the offly sticky kind that some cheaper toys feel like.And it is easy to clean! Pleased with this 💜
This is super cute and creative and large enough for all! You must have one!!
Lauren K.

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Laphwing has been in the industry for years. We started as a learner and was gradually recognized by players around the world. Because we started from zero, we deeply understand how crucial our service means to you and to ourselves. Therefore, like you’ve always seen in our product descriptions, “your privacy is our priority” -- customer service is our priority. As time goes by, Laphwing has become more mature and has been improving our service, innovating toys and broadening our market. However, “Feeling good, Feeling loved” has been our slogan and promise, and it will always be so in the present and in the future beyond.
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